Wedding Packages

American Fireworks wants to help make your special day truly memorable by offering wedding packages at discount prices. We have three tiers of purchasing, each with its own discount.

These packages are of course fully customizable, and the colors of the show can be hand chosen by you to make it fit your day perfectly. We are able to shoot in nearly any location, as well as from the water if need be ($10,000 dollar minimum for displays shot from water).

Elegantly Simple

Just Divine

Decadent Indulgences

Package 1:

Package 2:

Package 3:

$4,500 minimum. Roughly 5-minute aerial display.

$6,600 minimum. Roughly 15-minute aerial display.

$10,000 minimum. Roughly 20-minute aerial display.

Prior to your big day, a professional Texas-state licensed pyro-technician will arrive at the venue and evaluate the site. This includes a walk-through to determine best viewing locations, general cost estimates, and to get a better understanding of your interest in the type of display you would like. Our displays are put on using only the highest of quality products, electronically timed and fired, and fully insured.

To maintain our outstanding safety-record we of course require several weeks’ notice to acquire the proper permits for the city the venue will be located in. As concurrent members of multiple Pyrotechnic Associations, such as the American Pyrotechnic Association and the National Council on Firework Safety, we put the safety of you and your guests first and foremost, while still delivering an exceptional aerial display.

Please feel free to contact our main warehouse in Bastrop, Texas at (512) 321-4416 with any additional questions or comments about our shows.