Safety Tips

Celebrating with fireworks is an American tradition that is reminiscent of the days of our founding fathers. American Fireworks reminds everyone to enjoy this source of family entertainment responsibly and safely. American Fireworks encourages everyone to follow the safety rules below to help insure an wonderful fireworks celebration:

KVUE TV Interviews with CEO Chester Davis:

6:30 AM, July 3rd, 2015: In the video below, Chester Davis, CEO of American Fireworks, talks about celebrating the 4th of July season safely while still having fun:

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5:30 AM, July 3rd, 2015:Chester Davis speaks with KVUE TV about how the 4th of July is a celebration of America's Birthday and should be enjoyed by everyone.

KEYE TV speaks with CEO Chester Davis:

6:00 AM, July 3rd, 2015:Chester Davis, CEO of American Fireworks, speaks with Juliette Dryer of KEYE TV about how to safely shoot firework displays, and the best viewing distances for audiences.

5:00 AM, July 3rd, 2015:Juliette Dryer talks with CEO Chester Davis about firework safety and the celebration of July 4th.

When enjoying any fireworks, please always follow these guidelines to ensure the safety of both the shooter and the audience:

  • Observe all local, state, and federal laws
  • Use only under adult supervision
  • Use in a clear, open area
  • Light one item at a time
  • Do not drink and light fireworks
  • Read and follow directions
  • Never carry fireworks in pockets
  • Never point or throw fireworks at another person
  • Keep at a safe distance
  • Never light near flammable materials
  • Never experiment with homemade fireworks
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