Re-loadable Shells

Image ID Description Units
product graphic 4357

Small reloadable shell with nice color and burst size

product graphic 4360

These are the best festival balls on the market. 6 shells per box

product graphic 4361

Another Big Thunder favorite with 8 shells carrying a huge report

product graphic 4364

colorful breaks in a six shot artillery

no image available 4370

# different artillery shells in one package

product graphic 4380

6 shells of assorted colors and breaks

no image available 4385

Same big burst as the original B.C. Diablo but in a smaller package

product graphic 4390

As they burst in the sky 75ft assorted color artillery, these 6 shells are a hit.

product graphic 4391

Big Thunder Brand bring homes the sky rocketing blasts with a 6 shell package. (red, white and blue)

no image available 4395

Four different artillery shells in one package. This one is for the distinguished artillery pyro

product graphic 4401

Big Thunder Brand Reloadable Whistling artillery shells... These are the best for your profit dollar!

no image available 4405

Whistling, Crackling and Assorted

product graphic 4411

Big Thunder has got you crackin' with 6 crackling shells bursting high in the sky.

product graphic 4415

Single tube, six assorted super shells.
Unit size: 1.75" double break shell
Packing: 12/6
Ctn. Size: 0.106m3
G.W.: 14kg
1. Green crackling - purple peony
2. Blue crackling - green blue peony
3. Orange crackling - green glittering
4. Green to silver - green to purple
5. Red to green - green to purple
6. Silver palm tree - silver palm tree

no image available 4419

Loud, big and bold breaks with color and crackle

product graphic 4420

Barely Legal!!!
24 shell assorted pack- This is a must have!!!
1) Pink and Lemon Stars
2) Blue and Yellow Stars
3) Yellow Wave and Green Glitter
4) Red Wave and Green Glittter
5) Purple Wave and Green Glitter
6) Piny Peony and Green Glitter
7) Orange Peony and Glreen Glitter
8) Gold Willow to Red, green and blue tips with white tips
9) Red and Blue stars w/ White Glitter
10) Lemon and Orange Stars w/ white glitter
11) Green and Purple Stars w/ White Glitter
12) Brocade w/ White Glitter
13) Silver palm with Red Glitter
14) Green Wave With Red Glitter
15) Purple Wave w/ Crackling Pistol
16) Blue Wave with Crackling Pistol
17) Green Wave w/ crackling Pistol
18) Green Glitter and White Glitter w/ blue stars
19) Big Brocade
20) Brocade w/ Blue Stars
21) Silver Glitter to crackling flowers
22) Green Glitter to crackling flower
23) Silver Palm with Green Glitter
24) Silver Palm with White Glitter

product graphic 4422

Big Thunder brand delivers this 12 shells color assortment with a beautiful tail.

product graphic 4427

12 shells of assorted colors and breaks

product graphic 4428

10 shells, assorted color assortment by Big Thunder Brand

no image available 4445

2 packs with 6 shells per pack. Maximum load, double break shells

product graphic 4450

12 shells full of color and effects

product graphic 4452

On Sale
product graphic 4453

product graphic 4459

product graphic 4461

These canister shells will send the devil back where he belongs. Diablo is legally loud, with humongous breaks--so loaded, they're almost illegal.

product graphic 4465

12 spectacular single shots containing
1) Silver palm
2) Silver Tiger Tail
3) Crackling
4) Red-Green Wave
5) Blue Glitter & White
6) Jumbo Chrysantemum
7) Yellow Stars
8) Tiger Tail
9) Whistling Red w/ Crackling
10) Green Glitter with Crackling
11) Blue with Crackling
12) Silver Tiger Tail

product graphic 4471

Gold willows are the name of the game with this artillery shell

product graphic 4475

Unit size: 1.75"" canister shell
Packing: 6/12
Ctn. Size: 0.103m3
G.W.: 14kg
1. Red peony w/gold pistil
2. Green chry. w/green whirlwind
3. Blue peony w/red pistil
4. Orange peony w/green whirlwind
5. Orange peony w/crackling pistil
6. Silver peony w/crackling pistil
7. Gold peony w/green whirlwind
8. Purple peony w/crackling pistil
9. Green & purple w/green whirlwind
10. Silver palm tree
11. Gold willow tree
12. Red palm tree

product graphic 4476

Black Mamba, The snake with the deadlist bite, will shock them all! It strikes anthing, from the king of the jungle to the hot shot down the block. One bite is never enough for for Black Mamba. It won't stop until EVERY ENEMY is paralyzed. Ready to Dominate? You'll never know what bit you. This 20 shot artillery set has 2 Extra Strong fiberglass tubes. Case 6/20

product graphic 4479

Large bright, colorful burst that will rattle the windows

(6) 60 grams shells

product graphic 4481

elve, 1 3/4" ball shells of assorted colors and effects. Total Exposure offers hard and very symmetrical breaks, making it one of the best ball shells available.
Unit size: 1.75"" ball shell
Packing: 6/12
Ctn. Size: 0.053m3
G.W.: 7kg

1. Chrysanthemum to silver
2. Gold wave to green
3. Royal crown
4. green to purple peony
5. Gold strobe
6. Blue to red peony

7. Silver palm tree
8. Assorted colors peony
9. Crackling
10. Gold to red ring w/crackling
11. Red ring w/crackling
12. Crackling

product graphic 4484

24 colorful BigThunder Brand Artillery shell with 48 breaks


product graphic 4486

product graphic 4487

contains 36 Super Blasr Magnum Artillery Shells and three reloadable tubes

product graphic 4489

contains (18) Triple Break magnum load artillery shells and (3) reloadable tubes.

product graphic 4492

120 Breaks of assorted crackle, color and glitter from 56 shells (AMF).

no image available 4497

Mega large artillery kit with everything the pyro specialist could want in one box

product graphic 4498

Do not go before the Grand Jury unless you want to be sentenced to a big, bad show of color and sound