Private Shows

American Fireworks is ready to prepare a private show for your special occasion, be it a city celebration or a family reunion. Two types of Display Shows are available.

Requirements for private shows
Like the fireworks displays seen at locations such as Disney World, Six Flags, and most 4th of July celebrations, Class 1.3G display shows can be developed to fulfill your expectations. This type of show requires State and Local permits, a licensed pyrotechnician (Texas license) and insurance. The major advantage with this type of show is the height of the show gives you the greatest visual effect from a long distance away. These shows can be custom built and can be produced and shot to music. These types of shows normally have a much larger audience. Price range is from $3,000.00 and up! This type of show also requires at least 15 to 20 days advance notice to get all of the necessary permits.

Our 1.4G Display Show is customized to fit your budget, your environment (surroundings - this show requires less distance from spectators than a 1.3G show), often times does not require State and Local permits if out in the County area and insurance requirements are less. The height of the show has a normal maximum of approximately 150 feet. However, often times the cost is the most important factor with this show! These shows work very well for Wedding Celebrations, Pep Rally's Birthdays, fundraisers, very short surprises, private celebrations and much more. Price ranges from $1000.00 to $10,000.00. This type of show does not require more than a few days notice if it is going to be in the County. However, if the show is in the City Limits, it will require at least 20 days notice to get the permits.

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